The Association of Teachers of English of Quebec’s main goal is to provide leadership in English Language Arts teaching theory, practice and resources to educators who are striving for excellence in the classroom.

We want to share with you; we want to hear from you.

As president of the Association of Teachers of English of Quebec, it is my pleasure to welcome educators to our association’s website.

ATEQ is entering an era of educational innovation and we are striving to strengthen communication with all English Language educators.

Our website offers a means of communicating with our membership.

ATEQ provides support and professional growth for the English Language school community. Springboards, our Annual Language Arts conference, subsidies, sharing of resources with our Literacy Trunks, can all be explored on our website.

In addition through partnerships with the Ministry we are excited to offer members the opportunity to apply for English Language Arts site-based project grants. These site-based projects allow teachers to enhance their teaching methods through a variety of innovative endeavors.

What we do:

  • We work to provide leadership in the development of teaching theory, practice and resources to teachers in order to develop excellence in the class-room.
  • We organize an annual conference – Springboards.
  • We offer an all-day workshop and a one-hour session during Teachers Convention.
  • We sponsor a yearly award in recognition of our colleagues.
  • We have a system of bursaries to support members who wish to attend conferences and workshops; we assist teachers enabling them to invite authors and performers to their classrooms.
  • We represented our membership through a brief submitted to the MELS .

ATEQ is committed to enrichening the ELA communities.