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If you are going to be studying or creating movie trailers, you’ll want to see this link.

The Art of the Modern Movie Trailer

This article by the NPR, National Public Radio, explores the history and the art of movie trailers.  It is a valuable resource.


There’s been a big push to get to know our students at our school.  This interesting article explores just that.

When thinking about ELA, we have a great amount of freedom when planning out our classes.  Our LESs can have customized themes and texts.  With more data we have about our student population, we can deliver engaging and meaningful lessons

Do you ever get your students to create a timeline for a novel?  TimeToast is a website that enables students to create timelines on the computer.


This article explores the three Cs: create, curate, and collaborate. “Move Over Three Rs, Here Comes the Three Cs”