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There is a serious need to improve students` ability to use web searches while researching. Luckily, Google has recently launched a fun activity that students can enjoy while tuning those search skills. Every day there`s a puzzle that you need to solve by using your Google skills.

Warning: This is a lot of fun

You may think you’ve read every Dr. Seuss book a hundred times over, but I can pretty much guarantee that there’s one you haven’t read.  A new publication features some long lost Dr. Seuss that haven’t been seen in decades.

Hardcover from Amazon

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“We now live in a world where information is potentially unlimited. Information is cheap, but meaning is expensive. Where is the meaning? Only human beings can tell you where it is. We’re extracting meaning from our minds and our own lives.” George Dyson

This article shares some of the examples of contemporary visual storytelling while featuring an incredibly interesting book entitled Visual Storytelling: Inspiring a New Visual Language.

This video would make a great introduction to a unit about film.  However, be warned because the video may make you nauseous.

Don’t you love it when you hand out a new exciting novel to the class and all they can talk about is the smell of the books? Well, this article may not solve that problem but at least the conversation can be a little more enlightened.

If you are unfamiliar with, allow me to enlighten you. Etsy is a site where craft makers can sell their goods and craft lovers can buy great handmade gifts.

I’ve collected a few crafts that will appeal to us educators.  Check out the list of gifts.

I, like many educators, are big fans of  Recently, TED has launched a Youth Day.  Check out the link to learn about this event.  Hopefully, one day we can be involved in the future but in the meantime we can use the resources from the site to inspire our students.


This is the best article I’ve read in months.  It’s a very interesting read that challenges and enlightens.

It’s an exciting time for literacy teachers as publication undergoes a paradigm shift.  Amazon is launching a e-book lending service soon which may become very useful to ELA teachers in the future. I’t’s certainly food for thought.