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“You are what you share.”  This article touches upon a number of important issues surrounding social media and education.


YouTube can be a great resource for teachers.  However, did you know that YouTube offers an education site that helps teachers find wonderful educational videos.

Want to find lectures on literature? No, problem YouTube has that at a click away.

Talk to Learn can be very difficult to evaluate in a class full of students.  VoiceThread is a website that using social media to record discussions.  Although VoiceThread requires a high-level of technical know-how, the payoff is worth it.

If you haven’t tried wikispaces yet, I highly recommend it.  Wikispaces are an easy way to get students to publish and collaborate their writing.  It’s easy to use and full of features.

Microsoft Office isn’t always available to students.  Google Docs is more than just an alternative.  It enables students to collaborate and to save online so their document is accessible anywhere there’s Internet.

Mindmeister and are two online services that enable students to create mind maps. And, because these are web 2.0, students can work on the mind maps collaboratively.

Blogging can be a great way to engage students with writing.  However, finding a great blogging site can be tricky.  Edublogs is a blogging site that caters to education.

There’s short stories then there’s flash fiction.  Flash fiction is stories under 2000 words.  This article contains an introduction to flash fiction, writing advice, and some useful resources.